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    Management information

    1. Carlton, J.T. & G.M. Ruiz. 2003. Invasive species: vectors and management strategies. Island Press.

    2. Civeyrel, L. and Simberloff, D. 1996. A tale of two snails: is the cure worse than the disease? Biodiversity and Conservation 5: 1231-1252.
      Summary: A discussion of the introduction of predatory snails (notably Euglandina rosea), in putative attempts to control A. fulica. The devastating consequences on native land snail diversity, especially in the islands of the Pacific.

    3. Clifford, K.T., L. Gross, K. Johnson, K.J. Martin, N. Shaheen & M.A. Harrington. 2003. Slime-Trail Tracking in the Predatory Snail, Euglandina rosea, Behavioral Neuroscience 117(5): 1086-1095.

    4. Coote, T., D. Clarke, C.S. Hickman, J. Murray & P. Pearce-Kelly. 2004. Experimental Release of Endemic Partula Species, Extinct in the Wild, into a Protected Area of Natural Habitat on Moorea, Pacific Science 58(3): 429-434.
      Summary: Discusses the conservation related impacts of the introduction of alien land and freshwater snails and slugs to the islands of the Pacific. Provides details of the main alien species of concern, identifies islands most at risk and islands on which to focus conservation efforts. Lists distribution details for all alien snails and slugs in the Pacific.

    6. Gargominy, O. 2008. Beyond the alien invasion: a recently discovered radiation of Nesopupinae (Gastropods: Pulmonata: Vertiginidae) from the summits of Tahiti (Society Islands, French Polynesia), Journal of Conchology 39(5).

    7. Hadfield, M. G., Miller, S. E. and Carwile, A. H. 1993. The decimation of endemic Hawai‘ian tree snails by alien predators. American Zoologist 33: 610-622.
      Summary: Discusses the impacts of alien rats and Euglandina rosea on native Hawaiian tree snails.
      Summary: This compilation of information sources can be sorted on keywords for example: Baits & Lures, Non Target Species, Eradication, Monitoring, Risk Assessment, Weeds, Herbicides etc. This compilation is at present in Excel format, this will be web-enabled as a searchable database shortly. This version of the database has been developed by the IUCN SSC ISSG as part of an Overseas Territories Environmental Programme funded project XOT603 in partnership with the Cayman Islands Government - Department of Environment. The compilation is a work under progress, the ISSG will manage, maintain and enhance the database with current and newly published information, reports, journal articles etc.

    9. Mead, A. R. 1961. The giant African snail: a problem in economic malacology. Chicago, University of Chicago Press.
      Summary: Major treatise on the worldwide spread of A. fulica, its impacts, and management.
      Summary: Reports the final demise of all seven Partula species of Moorea in the face of the spread of E. rosea and the imminent threat to Partula on Tahiti.
      Summary: This database compiles information on alien species from British Overseas Territories.
      Available from: [Accessed 10 November 2009]

    General references

    12. Campbell, B.G. and Little, M.D. 1988. The finding of Angiostrongylus cantonensis in rats in New Orleans, Am J Trop Med Hyg. 38(3):

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      Summary: Synthèse sur la biodiversité des îles françaises d'outre-mer et les enjeux de conservation.
      Available from: [Accessed 26 March 2008]
      Summary: Consequences to the biodiversity of New Caledonia of the introduction of plant and animal species.

    18. Griffiths, O. Cook, A. and Wells, S.M. 1993. The diet of the introduced carnivorous snail Euglandina rosea in Mauritius and its implications for threatened island gastropod faunas, Journal of Zoology 229(1): abstract.

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    20. Griffiths, O., Cook, A. and Wells, S. M. 1993. The diet of the carnivorous snail Euglandina rosea in Mauritius and its implications for threatened island gastropod faunas. Journal of Zoology 229: 79-89.
      Summary: Assesses the feeding prefernces of E. rosea, showing that it preferes snails other than A. fulica, and preferes small over large snails. Lists the regions into which it has been introduced and the impacts in those regions.

    21. Hopper, D.R. and Smith, B.D. 1992. Status of tree snails (Gastropoda: Partulidae) on Guam, with a resurvey of sites studied by H.E. Crampton in 1920, Pacific Science 46(1): abstract.

    22. Howarth, F.G. 1991. Environmental Impacts of Classical Biological Control, Annu. Rev. Entomol. 36.
      Summary: An online database that provides taxonomic information, common names, synonyms and geographical jurisdiction of a species. In addition links are provided to retrieve biological records and collection information from the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) Data Portal and bioscience articles from BioOne journals.
      Available from: [Accessed March 2005]

    24. Kinzie, R.A. 1992. Predation by the introduced carnivorous snail Euglandina rosea (Ferussac) on endemic aquatic lymnaeid snails in Hawaii, Biological Conservation 60(3): abstract.

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      Summary: Base de données en ligne sur le patrimoine naturel français.
      Available from: [Accessed 1 April 2008]

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      Summary: Available from: [Accessed 4 March 2006]
      Summary: Available from: [Accessed 24 February 2010]
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