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   Ziziphus mauritiana (tree, shrub)  français     
Ecology Distribution Management
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         Management Information

    Preventative measures: A Risk assessment of Ziziphus mauritiana for Australia was prepared by Pacific Island Ecosystems at Risk (PIER) using the Australian risk assessment system (Pheloung, 1995). The result is a score of 12 and a recommendation of: reject the plant for import (Australia) or species likely to be a pest (Pacific).

    Physical: Mechanical techiques (eg bulldozing) must cut the shoot at least 25cm below ground level to avoid sprouting. Fire kills only a small proportion of the smaller plants (<1m high).

    Chemical: Effective herbicides include triclopyr/picloram in a 1:60 herbicide-diesel mixture applied as a basal bark spray during times of active plant growth. The same chemical can be applied to cut stumps ay any time of year. It may also be effective in a high volume spray mixture of 0.35L herbicide:100L water to actively growing regrowth. Soil application of picloram-triethanolamine at 35-45 g/sq m can be used on dense infestations.

    Biological: Biological control has not been attempted (Grice, pers.comm. 2002). français     

         Location Specific Management Information
    In Australia, it is declared weed in the States of Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Its rate of spread is relatively low with dispersal through animal vectors that include cattle, feral pigs, wallabies, emus and bustards. Black cockatoos are significant seed predators, (Grice, pers.comm. 2002).
    North Queensland
    Chinee apple is a declared weed under Queensland legislation. This requires landholders to control declared pests on the land and waters under their control.

         Management Resources/Links

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