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   Livistona chinensis (palm)
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         Interim profile, incomplete information
         General Impact

    Fan palms are naturalised in Bermuda and thickets of palms can be found along roadsides. The berries produced by the palms fall to the ground around the base of the tree and germinate. Seedlings grow to eventually form thickets. These thickets can crowd out and overshadow native species. Chinese fan palms are similar to and are often mistaken for the endemic Bermuda palmetto (Sabal bermudana).

         Location Specific Impacts:
    Mauritius English 
    Threat to endangered species: The Chinese fan palm introduced through the Pamplemousse Botanic garden has become invasive in Maritius and threatens the 'Critically Endangered (CR)' endemic Palmiste rouge (Acanthophoenix rubra) (Maunder et al unpublished data in Maunder et al 2001).

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