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   Carcinus maenas (crustacean) English     
Écologie Distribution Gestion Impacts Références
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         Étude de cas sur les impacts
    Bras d'Or Lakes (Canada) English 
    Compétition: Carcinus maenas and Cancer irroratus are found in close proximity as their habitat requirements overlap. Competition between these two species is inevitable (Klassen, 2007).
    San Francisco Bay (Estuary) (United States (USA)) English 
    Nuisance pour les personnes: By entering and filling traps, Carcinus maenas has sometimes been a pest of trap fisheries for eels in eastern Canada and for bait fish (gobies and sculpin) in San Francisco Bay.

    Perturbation physique: When searching for prey, Carcinus maenas can dig about 15cm down in sand or mud, and this disturbance can affect the populations of small organisms living in the sediment. Carcinus maenas can also increase the populations of some species by eating their predators or competitors.
    Pacific Coast (USA) (United States (USA)) English 
    Compétition: The Dungeness crab in Washington state and Oregon could potentially be threatened by further invasion of Carcinus maenas because of its similar food base and direct predation (Lafferty, 1996).

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