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   Ageratum conyzoides (herb)     
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    Information on Ageratum conyzoides has been recorded for the following locations.  Click on the location name for additional information.

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    Location   Source   Occurrence   Status   Invasiveness  
       India, Country within or part of Asia English    Batish et al. 2004 Established Alien Invasive 
       Mothronwala Swamp, Detailed Location within or part of Doon Valley English    Gupta et al. 2006 Established Alien Not specified 
       Shivalik Ranges, Location within or part of Himachal Pradesh English    Dogra et al. 2009 Established Alien Invasive 
       Haryana, Administrative Unit English    Batish 2008 Established Alien Invasive 
       Himachal Pradesh, Administrative Unit English    Batish 2008 Established Alien Invasive 
       Punjab (India), Administrative Unit English    Batish 2008 Established Alien Invasive 
       West Bengal, Administrative Unit English    Sit et al. 2007 Established Alien Invasive 
       Doon Valley, Location within or part of Uttaranchal English    Negi & Hajra 2007 Established Alien Invasive 

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