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   Mus musculus (mammal)
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    Details of this species in Sth. Georgia and Sth. Sandwich Iss (sub-Antarctic)
    Status: Alien
    Invasiveness: Invasive
    Occurrence: Reported
    Source: McIntosh and Walton, 2000 in Varnham, 2006
    Arrival Date: 19th century
    Species Notes for this Location:
    House mouse, Mus musculus was probably introduced accidentally by sealing vessels on ship wreckage and/ or with camp stores (Poncet, 2000 in Varnham, 2006; Leader-Williams, 1985 in Varnham, 2006). It has been recorded at three localities in the north-west of the island where a glacier separates the two populations (Poncet, 2000 in Varnham, 2006) and possibly also at Grytviken (McIntosh and Walton, 2000 in Varnham, 2006).
    Management Notes for this Location:
    Government consider mice are of low priority for eradication, though this assessment will be reviewed after the collection of site specific baseline data (McIntosh and Walton, 2000 in Varnham, 2006).
    Location Notes:
    Reduction in native biodiversity: Mus musculus are reported to eat native tussock grass (Poa flabellata) and invertebrates (Leader-Williams, 1985 in Varnham, 2006).
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