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   Achatina fulica (mollusque) English 
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    Détails de cette espèce dans Ile aux Aigrettes
    Statut: Exotique
    Statut d'envahissement: Envahissant
    Occurrence: Établi(e)
    Source: Craze & Mauremootoo 2002
    Date d'introduction:
    Mode d'Introduction:
    Notes sur l'espèce pour cette localité:
    Notes sur la gestion de l'espèce dans cette localité:
    A targeted eradication programme is planned as part of a rehabilitation programme on the island. This involves the application of molluscicide. For this to be successful, it will be necessary to have good estimates of population size and distribution of the target species (see Craze & Mauremootoo 2002).
    Notes sur la localité:
    Ile aux Aigrettes is a small island of 25 ha, 600 m from the south-east coast of Mahebourg Bay, Mauritius. It has a unique flora and is partially covered by the last viable area of native coastal forest in the region, making it one of the most important islands in Mauritius and of international conservation importance (Parnell et al. 1989, in Craze & Mauremootoo 2002).
    Compétition: Achatina fulica. may compete with some of the snail species selected for reintroduction: Ile aux Aigrettes once had a rich snail fauna but now hosts only relatively common species (Dulloo et al. 1997, Griffiths Cook & Wells 1996, in Craze & Mauremootoo 2002).
    Réduction de la biodiversité indigène: Achatina fulica is present in large numbers as an invasive species and is a threat to the continued existence of the native flora (Mead 1979, in Craze & Mauremootoo 2002).
    Dernière mise à jour: 9/03/2010 4:28:22 p.m.

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