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   Achatina fulica (mollusque) English 
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    Détails de cette espèce dans Andaman and Nicobar Islands
    Statut: Exotique
    Statut d'envahissement: Envahissant
    Occurrence: Établi(e)
    Source: Prasad et al. 2004
    Date d'introduction: 1940s
    Mode d'Introduction:
    Notes sur l'espèce pour cette localité:
    A. fulica was reportedly introduced during 1940s into Andamans. By 1973, it was reported to have spread to a number of places in both the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. During the same year it was reported that the snails were absent in the recently inhabited islands of Neil, Havelock, Little Andamans and Great Nicobar. Today the snail may be seen in North, Middle, South and Little Andamans, Long Island, Car Nicobar, Katchal, Nancowry and Great Nicobar (Prasad et al. 2004).
    Notes sur la gestion de l'espèce dans cette localité:
    Notes sur la localité:
    Agricole: This pest is polyphagous, attacking about 225 plants of agricultural and horticultural importance, including cuttings and seedlings. Vegetables belonging to the families Cruciferae, Cucurbitaceae and Leguminoseae are known to suffer the most damage. A. fulica is considered a serious pest of nursery beds of vegetables and flower plants. The snails move out of hideouts at dusk and feed throughout the night ravaging the seedlings (Prasad et al. 2004).
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