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   Achatina fulica (mollusque) English 
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    Détails de cette espèce dans Hawaii
    Statut: Exotique
    Statut d'envahissement: Envahissant
    Occurrence: Signalé(e)
    Source: Raut & Barker 2002
    Date d'introduction:
    Mode d'Introduction: Intentionnelle
    Notes sur l'espèce pour cette localité:
    A. fulica became a lesser problem after some 60 years in Hawaii (Cowie 1992, in Raut & Barker 2002).
    Notes sur la gestion de l'espèce dans cette localité:
    In 1955 the predatory rosy wolfsnail (Euglandina rosea) was introduced into Hawaii to control A. fulica. Non-target impacts included the consumption of native snails (Hoddle 2004). Localised eradication of A. fulica on some Hawaiian islands appears to have been successful (Mead 1979).
    Notes sur la localité:
    Réduction de la biodiversité indigène: Individuals of Achatina fulica were observed preying on veronicellid slugs at two sites on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. As such, the presence of A. fulica may pose a greater threat to terrestrial mollusc conservation than previously imagined.
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