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   Achatina fulica (mollusque) English 
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    Détails de cette espèce dans French Polynesia
    Statut: Exotique
    Statut d'envahissement: Envahissant
    Occurrence: Établi(e)
    Source: Raut & Barker 2002
    Date d'introduction: 1967-1978
    Mode d'Introduction: Intentionnelle
    Notes sur l'espèce pour cette localité:
    A. fulica had invaded Tahiti by 1967 and New Caledonia and Vanuatu by 1972 and was reported in other areas in French Polynesia in 1978 (Raut & Barker 2002). A. fulica was intentionally introduced as a food source on Tahiti and Moorea in 1967 and again in 1973 on the Marquesas Islands. Up to 1.5 tons could be collected each day in Tahiti (Meyer 2003).
    Notes sur la gestion de l'espèce dans cette localité:
    Notes sur la localité:
    Agricole: In these islands Achatina fulica quickly became an agricultural pest.
    Compétition: The impact of Achatina fulica on indigenous flora or gastropods is not documented locally, however, it may exclude indigenous snails (Meyer & Picot 2001).
    Herbivorie: Achatina fulica may pose a threat to native plants (Meyer & Picot 2001).
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