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   Cirsium arvense (herbacée) English 
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    Détails de cette espèce dans Bronydd Mawr
    Statut: Exotique
    Statut d'envahissement: Envahissant
    Occurrence: Établi(e)
    Date d'introduction:
    Mode d'Introduction:
    Notes sur l'espèce pour cette localité:
    Notes sur la gestion de l'espèce dans cette localité:
    A project was undertaken between April 2000 and March 2003 to test an integrated approach to thistle management combining grazing, mechanical techniques and herbicide application to obtain a reduction in Cirsium arvense density and long-term maintenance of low population levels, whilst minimising the impact upon non-target species. The study developed and tested combinations of these control techniques. The key objectives being to a) examine the effect of the timing and severity of grazing on thistle populations and b) examine the impact of cutting and herbicide application and their interactions with grazing regimes. Results of the study indicate that an integrated approach increased the level of reduction in thistle density and decreased the impact of the control methods adopted on non-target species.
    For more details please see, Case study 96: Integrated herbicide, mechanical and grazing control of creeping thistle Cirsium arvense on grasslands at Bronydd Mawr, Wales and Marsh Gibbon, England. [extracted from: Pywell R., Tallowin J. & Masters G. (2004) Effects of grazing management on creeping thistle and other injurous weeds and intergration of grazing with weed control, review report of project BD1437, DEFRA, UK].
    Notes sur la localité:
    Dernière mise à jour: 7/07/2005 1:20:12 p.m.

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