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   Felis catus (mammal)
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    Details of this species in Otago Region
    Status: Alien
    Invasiveness: Invasive
    Occurrence: Established
    Source: Alterio Moller and Ratz 1998
    Arrival Date:
    Species Notes for this Location:
    Management Notes for this Location:
    Grassland around the coastal Otago breeding sites of the yellow-eyed penguin (see Megadyptes antipodes in IUCN Red List of Threatened Species) (hoiho) has been turned into 'vegetation buffers' (from grazing land) intended to reduce the presence of introduced mammalian predators. However, the results of this radio-tracking study show that the 'vegetation buffers' had the opposite effect, attracting cats (Felis catus, stoats Mustela erminea and ferrets Mustela furo). This research highlights the need for rigorous testing of habitat modification before implementing such strategies.
    Location Notes:
    Last Modified: 24/07/2006 3:28:43 p.m.

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