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   Felis catus (mammal)
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    Details of this species in Phoenix Is.
    Status: Alien
    Invasiveness: Invasive
    Occurrence: Established
    Source: The Pacific Invasives Initiative 2006c
    Arrival Date:
    Species Notes for this Location:
    At least three mammalian species are known to have been introduced to the Phoenix Islands – Pacific rats (R. exulans), rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) and cats (Felis catus) all of which impact on indigenous biota, including birds. Recent visits to some islands have been brief and the status of invasive species and other biota has not been precisely established.
    Management Notes for this Location:
    A PII (Pacific Invasives Initiative) supported project was organised to determine the status and distribution of invasive alien species on selected islands in the Phoenix Island Group. Methods used to assess invasive species numbers included rodent and cat trapping, observation of potential invasives, (eg. mynas) and collection of exotic ants and plants. As a result of this survey priorities have been identified for eradication of the invasive mammals.
    Last Modified: 19/07/2006 1:12:32 p.m.

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