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   Rattus norvegicus (mammal)
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    Details of this species in Kayangel Is.
    Status: Alien
    Invasiveness: Invasive
    Occurrence: Established
    Source: The Pacific Invasives Initiative 2006
    Arrival Date:
    Species Notes for this Location:
    Management Notes for this Location:
    A feasibility study was planned for June 2006 as part of a PII (Pacific Invasives Initiative) project, which should lead to a management and eradication plans. Target species for eradication include Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus), ship rats (Rattus rattus), cats (Felis catus) and mice (Mus musculus).
    Disease transmission: Rattus norvegicus are known to affect community health in Palau by acting as disease vectors, exposing citizens to gastrointestinal illnesses and leptospirosis through water supplies
    Economic/Livelihoods: Rattus norvegicus are causing economic losses by damaging crops including papaya and corn.
    Threat to endangered species: Ground birds such as the Micronesian megapode (see Megapodius laperouse in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species) are particularly vulnerable to introduced predators such as rats and cats.
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