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   Ageratum conyzoides (herb)
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    Details of this species in Asia
    Status: Alien
    Invasiveness: Invasive
    Occurrence: Established
    Source: Saunders & Stanley 1999
    Arrival Date:
    Species Notes for this Location:
    Management Notes for this Location:
    Location Notes:
    Disease transmission: Yellow vein disease of Ageratum conyzoides, a weed species that is widely distributed throughout Asia, has been attributed to infection by the geminivirus Ageratum yellow vein virus (AYVV). Members of the Geminiviridae genus Begomovirus (Briddon and Markham 1995, in Saunders & Stanley 1999) are transmitted by the whitefly Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) to a wide range of vegetable and fibre crops worldwide in which they cause serious diseases (Brown 1994, in Saunders & Stanley 1999).
    A. conyzoides plants coinfected with AYVV DNA A and DNA 1 remain asymptomatic, indicating that additional factors are required to elicit yellow vein disease. The author's results provide direct evidence for recombination between distinct families of plant single-stranded DNA viruses and suggest that coinfection by geminivirus and nanovirus-like pathogens may be a widespread phenomenon. The ability of plant DNA viruses to recombine in this way may greatly increase their scope for diversification.
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