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   Phytophthora cinnamomi  English 
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    此物种详细信息 Portugal
    状态: 外来
    入侵: 入侵
    出现纪录: ???
    来源: Robin et al., 2001, Vannini and Vettraino 2001
    到达日期: ~1830
    简介: 引入方法未知
    Phytophthora cinnamomi has been isolated from soil and cork and holm oak (Quercus ilex trees in Spain and Portugal.
    A significant improvement in vegetative growth of holm and cork oaks injected with potassium phosphonate has been reported (Fernandez-Escobar et al. 1999: in Robin et al. 2001)
    最后修改 : 5/08/2005 8:47:30 a.m.

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