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   Rattus rattus (mammal) français     
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         The followings  17 contacts offer information and advice on Rattus rattus:

    1. Barthelat, Fabien (Assistant Technique Union Internationale pour la Conservation de la Nature Initiative Caraïbes)
      Address: C/O Parc National de Guadeloupe Habitation Beausoleil, Montéran 97120 Saint-Claude, Guadeloupe
      Phone: (+590) (0)590 80 86 00
      Fax: (+590) (0)590 80 05 46
      Geographic region: Pacific
      Ecosystem: Terrestrial
      Address: Institut Agronomique néo-Calédonien. Axe 2: Diversités biologique et fonctionnelle des écosystèmes.BP 73. 98 890 Païta
      Phone: 687 43 74 28
      Geographic region: Antarctic region, France (continental)
      Ecosystem: Terrestrial
      Address: Muséum National d‘Histoire Naturelle Departement Ecologie et gestion de la biodiversité, UMR 5173 MNHN-CNRS-P6, 61 rue Buffon, CP 53, F. 75005 Paris
      Phone: 33 (0)1 40 79 32 63
      Geographic region: Pacific
      Ecosystem: Terrestrial
      Address: Société d'Ornithologie de Polynésie B.P. 21098 98713 - Papeete Tahiti Polynésie Française
      Phone: (689) 52 11 00
      Geographic region: Pacific
      Ecosystem: Terrestrial
      Address: Société d'Ornithologie de Polynésie B.P. 21098 98713 - Papeete Tahiti Polynésie Française
      Phone: (689) 52 11 00
      Felis catus ecology and management
      Address: Science & Technical Centre, Northern Regional Office, P.O. Box 112, Hamilton, New Zealand
      Phone: +64 7 8397247
      Fax: +64 7 8580001
      Geographic region: Indian Ocean
      Ecosystem: Terrestrial
      Address: Laboratoire d'Ecologie marine (ECOMAR)-Faculté des Sciences et Technologies-Université de la Réunion- BP 7151. Saint Denis. Réunion
      Phone: 0262.93.86.86
      Geographic region: Caribbean, Europe, Pacific
      Ecosystem: Terrestrial
      Address: Equipe Écologie des Invasions Biologiques - UMR (INRA/Agrocampus Rennes) Écologie et Santé des Écosystèmes - INRA - Campus de Beaulieu - Bâtiment 16 - 35 000 Rennes
      Geographic region: Caribbean
      Ecosystem: Terrestrial
      Address: s/c DIREN 4 Bd de Verdun 97200 Fort de France
      InGrip-Consulting & Animal Control are a small but specialised company from Germany involved in invasive species management especially eradication.
      Address: Hausburgstr. 24 D - 10249 Berlin Germany
      Phone: +49 / 30 - 420 21 423
      Fax: +49 / 30 - 420 21 424
      Geographic region: Pacific, Indian Ocean
      Ecosystem: Terrestrial
      Expert in the botany of French Polynesia and the Pacific Islands, and has worked on ecology and biological control of Miconia calvescens in French Polynesia.
      Address: Délégation à la Recherche, Gouvernement de Polynésie française. B.P. 20981, 98713 Papeete, Tahiti, Polynésie française
      Phone: 689 47 25 60
      Geographic region: sub-Antarctic; North Africa; Pacific; Caribbean
      Ecosystem: Terrestrial
      Address: INRA - SCRIBE - Campus de Beaulieu - F35 042 Rennes
      Phone: (33) (0)2 23 48 53 79
    13. Rocamora, Gérard (Island Conservation Society / Fondation pour la Conservation des Iles (ou CRBPO, Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris))
      Geographic region: Indian Ocean
      Ecosystem: Terrestrial
      Address: Island Conservation Society, PO Box 775, Pointe Larue, Mahé, Seychelles
      Phone: (248) 71 44 11
    14. Ruffino, Lise (Ph.D student: Lab : Mediterranean Institute for Ecology and Palaeoecology, Paul Cézanne University, Marseille, France. Supervisor: E. Vidal (IMEP-CNRS))
      Geographic region: Mediterranean
      Website: Research group, Biotic Interactions and Conservation Biology
      Website: Conservation of Shearwater on the Hyeres Island
      Lise Ruffino’s Ph.D work is on the ecology, the dynamics and the impact of introduced black rats Rattus rattus on Mediterranean islands. She is particularly interested in direct and indirect interactions between rats and seabirds: direct interactions with shearwaters in seabird breeding sites via predation, disturbance and indirect interactions as means of benefits provided by large seabird colonies (super-abundant gulls) to insular rat populations. Another part of her research is focused on better understanding the mechanisms of impact of rats on seabirds with the use of artificial nests and behavioral experiments with wild rats.
      Address: Bâtiment Villemin, Domaine du Petit Arbois, Avenue Philibert, B.P.80 - 13545 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 04 - FRANCE
      Phone: +33 (4) 42 90 84 69
      Fax: +33 (4) 42 90 84 48
      Research into rodent eradications and reinvasions. Low density dynamics of invasive species. Statistical and molecular methods.
      Address: Private Bag 92019, Auckland New Zealand
      Alan is the coordinator of the Cooperative Islands Initiative based at the University of Auckland. He has extensive experience in pest control, species recovery and ecological restoration during his employment with the New Zealand Department of Conservation.
      Address: SGES/Tamaki Campus, University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019, Auckland, New Zealand
      Phone: +64 9 3737599 Ext 86805
      Geographic region: Indian Ocean
      Ecosystem: Terrestrial
      Address: ONF. Domaine Forestier de la Providence, 97488 Saint Denis cedex
      Phone: 692345283
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