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   Passer domesticus bird
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    Passer hispaniolensis

    In some part of Europe, Asia and North Africa, the distribution of P. domesticus overlaps with the distribution of the Spanish sparrow P. hispaniolensis. Males of the two species have distinct plumages and can easily be separated. However, female and juvenile P.hispaniolensis are very similar to P. domesticus females and juveniles (Perrins, C. (ed) 1998).
    Passer montanus

    The adult male P. domesticus is quite distinctive but might be confused with Passer montanus (Eurasian tree sparrow, St. Louis, Missouri). P. montanus has a black spot on the ear coverts and an entirely brown crown.
    Spiza americana

    According to Gough et al. (1998), the female P. domesticus looks somewhat similar to a number of species of sparrows but has unstreaked underparts, tawny streaks on the back, and a large yellowish bill. The female Spiza americana (dickcissel) also has a large bill but it is gray--not yellow--and usually has some yellow in the face and a rusty patch in the wing.

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